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  • Image courtesy of Land Department, RAK

    08/12/2013 • Articles

    Ras Al Khaima Solar Desalination Plant: A Step in the Right Direction
  • livestock_desertification

    23/11/2013 • Articles

    Could Livestock be the Answer to Desertification?
  • 20/11/2013 • Articles

    Inflating soil’s worth
  • carbon nanotubes

    28/09/2013 • Articles

    Fear of Spiders?! More Like, Cheer for Spiders!
  • Picture property of Nasa- earthday 2008

    21/09/2013 • Articles

    Sunlight is everywhere, but how do we harness it?
  • Ras Al Khaima Solar Desalination Plant: A Step in the Right Direction

    The UAE is known to be abundant for two things in particular, and that’s sunny weather almost all year long and immediate access to the Arabian Gulf. With the increase in the population in almost all of the emirates, the demand for fresh water supply is increasing by 10% each year. With the growing demand, …

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  • Could Livestock be the Answer to Desertification?

    Have you ever driven on a highway, on a particularly windy day, and noticed that on the sides of the concrete median, a large amount of sand is accumulating? Well, if you live in the gulf area, then chances are you probably have! This is known as sand encroachment. While it is often overlooked, it …

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  • Inflating soil’s worth

    A team of scientists led by Dr. Lina Yousef at Masdar Institute (AbuDhabi, UAE) is utilizing an innovative technology to increase carbon content of soil. Carbon, the black parts making up the soil composition, is the component responsible for the majority of the soil properties such as water-retention capacities and richness of nutrients. The process in discussion is known

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  • Trying a new Look!

    Hey everyone, We have moved the site to a new server and given the The MENA Scientist a new look! I hope you all explore the site and please send us you Feedback (the tag on the top left corner of the site). Hope you guys enjoy the articles and more is yet to come! …

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  • Fear of Spiders?! More Like, Cheer for Spiders!

    When we think of spiders, the last thing that would cross our minds is a connection to electricity. However, that is exactly what researchers at the MagLab facility in Florida State University came up with. The research team, including Iraqi student Wasan R. Saleh, managed to make use of the somewhat abundant spider silk to …

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  • Sunlight is everywhere, but how do we harness it?

    Solar technologies have come a long way from the initial solar cell days. The first instance of solar technology I remember was that of the Calculator! Many of you may remember the little strip at the top of the calculator that would “charge” the calculator, allowing it to switch on when you clicked the ON …

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  • SHAMS 1: a solar landmark in the middle east!

    When solar technology was first publicised as an alternative energy source from the sun, many people’s initial assumption about solar technology was “Oh, you live in the desert? It should work great there!” In March of 2013 “Shams 1″ solar power station, the first large scale solar power plant in the UAE, was launched and …

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  • Saudi advances understanding of Meckel-Gruber Syndrome

      In Riyadh, the King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center, which clearly states a mission of an “integrated educational and research setting”, has carried out a vast and comprehensive genetic study of Meckel-Gruber syndrome.  This rare syndrome is a multifaceted congenital disease that is caused by malfunctioning cilia1 and involves deformity in the brain,

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  • The seed of collaboration is SESAME

    In Allan, Jordan, a building stands with the word SESAME proudly over the front door. Inside the building, a synchrotron-light source. The device is a source of electromagnetic radiation produced by a synchrotron. This building represents so many different things, all at the same time. SESAME is a collaboration of science, possibly the middle-east’s equivalent to

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  • United Arab Emirates offers new Veterinary Degree

    The UAE announced a significant new degree to begin in the UAE. As of Autumn 2013 UAE University will start a veterinary degree never before available. This initiative comes with strong support from the executive council and is in line with the countries strategy to build and support the veterinary profession In the United Arab …

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